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Justins-2James Justin’s passion is to empower you to achieve your goals by caring and sharing time-tested principles and strategies of enduring success. He is an entrepreneur, success coach, minister, and author. He earned his Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from Boston College and (BSW) also a degree from Eastern Nazarene College. In 2011, he published Express Yourself, an inspirational book he wrote with his wife to teach people how to meditate and pray effectively. In 2008, he founded Enduring Success Institute where he serves as President/CEO. Among his friends, James is known for his peaceful and loving spirit.
Dr. Lauretta Justin is an entrepreneur, eye doctor, success coach, inspirational speaker, author, singer, and a family woman. She is the founder, President and CEO of Millennium Eye Center where she practices Optometry. She is the co-author of Express Yourself. In 1998, Dr. Lauretta married her best friend James. She is a devoted wife and mother of their three sons. Dr. Lauretta enjoys singing, playing with her kids and watching Saturday morning cartoons with her family.